Textitle Business

Textile Business

With a history of more than half a century, KAWAGOSHI MASA offers a wide range of fabrics through our global network of hundreds of companies.

4 Characteristics of Textitle Business

Textitle Business
KAWAGOSHI MASA produces fabrics of significant value based on requests from customers and in-depth discussions among our staff. Our exclusive raw stock materials—both domestic and overseas—with their hand-made feel, evolve from creative planning capabilities that are not available to major fabric trading companies.
The images below show just a small sample of our products.
If you are interested, take them in your hand first and see them in person.
Our network lets you choose from a large selection of textiles
One of the most critical elements is the raw material, that is, the fabric itself. However, don't you find yourself devoting too much time to searching for the perfect fabric?
KAWAGOSHI MASA works closely with several hundred manufacturers both in Japan and abroad. Taking advantage of this network, use our ability to convert your needs into the ideal fabric, and you will find exactly what you need.
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How do we produce the best fabric for you?
Established in 1957, KAWAGOSHI MASA has accumulated extensive expertise, and has unparalleled experience producing a rich variety of fabrics. The broad array of categories includes materials for men's and women's apparel, hats, and other applications. We offer you a shortcut to creating the custom fabric that reflects your product concept.
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Our extensive seasonal collection allows you to start with one bolt each of a variety of fabrics
our paternTo meet the needs of customers in different fields, we keep several hundred fabric samples always available in any season, including synthetic, natural, knitted, and textile fabrics.
Enjoy the convenience of buying these items regardless of lot size (starting with one bolt).
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