Solar power generation Business

We have been engaged in the solar power generation business since 2016, constructing power plants in Ibaraki and Oita prefectures, in partnership with Tokyo Electric Power Company and Kyushu Electric Power Company.
The most important feature of solar power is that the energy source is inexhaustible and clean. Unlike thermal power generation, which burns oil to generate electricity, it does not produce CO2 (carbon dioxide), SOX (sulfur oxides), NOX (nitrogen oxides), or other air pollutants during power generation.
Although our power plant is small in scale, it can reduce CO2 emissions by about 70 tons per year and crude oil emissions by 30,000 liters per year compared to thermal power generation.
This is an environmental contribution project that also meets the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Ibaraki #1 Power Plant
Oita #2 Power Plant

Carbon dioxide reduction

Annual CO2 reduction:55,753kg(equivalent to 4,000 cedar trees)
  • ※ The CO2 reduction conversion value is 0.3145kg-CO2/kwh.
  • ※ According to the Ministry of the Environment, the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by a single cedar tree is 14 kg-CO2/year.

Protection effect of oil resources

Annual kerosene equivalent reduction:31,180liters(equivalent to 1,732 kerosene cans)
  • ※ Kerosene is converted as 0.227 liter/kwh.