Our business consists of two businesses: textile business (material sales) and product business (clothing manufacturing). We value the connection with people and develop fashion business on global scale.We support a wide range of activities from planning and proposals to material development, overseas sewing, import / export, logistics, and delivery.

A wide range of total support from planing , propose,

textile development and product production to logistics.

Immediate response regardless of genre, wide sales system

Our company consists of two businesses: textile business (materials) and product business (sewing). By having these two businesses, we can undertake a total contract from planning and proposal to material development, sewing production, and delivery.
Please take advantage of an efficient supply system.

We have a global sales network and supply chain

by having multiple overseas bases.

As you know, overseas sales channels and supply chains are indispensable for the future apparel industry.
Kawagoshimasa strength is global network of overseas bases.
We further promote overseas business by human resources with an international sense.

We have flexible staff to respond to customer needs.
We value the contents more than the scale.

We are known as a long-established company in the industry,
However we do not require scale expansion, and we have a wide range of employees due to systematic recruitment and the industry’s highest employee retention rate.From experienced veterans to young employees with light footwork, all of our employees are earnest and enthusiastic about responding to client requests.

Employee age