Osaka head office

Our head office is located in Osaka, where the company was founded.
Management, general affairs, accounting, production, warehousing, and sales departments belong to the Osaka head office, which is the center of our company’s functions.

Tokyo branch office

The Tokyo Branch, which serves the largest market in Tokyo, is located just a 3-minute walk from JR Yoyogi Station, making it ideal for demonstrating mobility on the front lines of sales. The business meeting room, which displays a wide variety of samples, is always filled with the enthusiasm of sales staff.


With the UK branch established in November 2019 as our sales base, we sell our products throughout Europe, mainly in London, Paris and Milan. Our main customers are high fashion and maison brands, mainly using high quality fabrics from Japan.
We are also able to propose custom-made products in accordance with the latest trends in cooperation with various production areas in Japan.


The Vietnam subsidiary was established in April 2020. We propose and sell Japanese textiles to local apparel designers.
The Ho Chi Minh City office has a permanent collection of stock product samples and a wide variety of materials from various genres.
We approach apparel manufacturers in various countries as a hub for the entire East Asia region by utilizing our multilingual capabilities.
In addition, it is also a management base for locally produced goods as a production site with future potential.


The Shanghai office is staffed by local staff who check the quality of materials and accessories and control the schedule when product orders are placed with partner factories.
In addition, the office is also a major force in the sales of domestic textile exports to China.
The staff grasps the situation in Japan and communicates smoothly with Chinese companies and factories to prevent any problems.
In our Shanghai office, we have a lot of materials of Chinese achievements that we have created so far, and they often provide hints for business negotiations.
It is truly an important base that is indispensable for production and sales in China.