Textile Business

We have history of avobe half century.
Providing any fabrics you want by using a global network of hundreds companies.

Four features


Unique original materials

We listen to customers’ requests and exchanges opinions with every staffs to create valuable fabrics. First of all, please take a look at the original stock materials with a handmade feeling , which are produced from unique and original projects.


We pursue your ideal fabric

We have a wealth of experience since our founding in 1957. Therefore, we have more experience in producing fabrics than other companies. We can handle a wide range of genres that men’s, ladies’, hats, materials and so on.
We immediately provide the ideal original fabrics you want to. Please feel free to contact us.


Plentiful textiles and diverse networks

One of the most important factors is Textiles.
Are you wasting time looking for fabrics?
We deal with hundreds of manufacturers both domestically and overseas. If you take advantage of our characteristic global network, you will surely find the fabric you are looking for.


Abundant season collection where you can buy various fabrics from small amount

We can always show hundreds of fabric samples such as synthetic fibers, natural materials, knits, and fabrics for each season. We serve customers of various genres. The feature is the convenience of being able to purchase them from small amount.

  • KGM1337~ RePET MA-1 Heavy Twill ~ Recycled PET bottles
  • KGM1321~ Quattro gauze ~ Brushed finishing
  • KGM1325~ Wool/Linen Wether ~ Soft wash finishing
    Made in Bisyu Japan
  • KGM1278~ SpiceTop Russell ~ Mottled dyed
  • KGM1299~ filament cupro ~ Filament Eco
  • KGM1298~ filament cupro ~ Filament Eco
  • KGM1295~Karen~ Natural stretch finishing
  • KGM1296~Filament Cupura~ Filament Eco
  • KGM1323 ~ Comfortable Corduroy ~ Deep tone of colors
  • KGM1265LENTON Resin treatment
  • KGM1201fogrip Water repellent
  • KGM1200 Nevel taffeta Water repellent
  • KGM1000~PILE JERSEY~ Heavy pile jersey made in wakayama
  • KGM850 washable
  • KGM1253 Indigo typewriter Japanese indigo yarn dyed
  • KGM752Denim jacquard check Japanese sulfide dyed